Two Total Skin Nerds

Earlier this year I was interviewed by Skinfix CEO Amy Risley for her Total Skin Nerds podcast. What do two Total Skin Nerds talk about when they get together?

Listen to the podcast and find out!

As a self-professed “total skin nerd” herself, Amy wanted to delve deeply into the physiology of skincare—as well as to discuss my passion for managing Cultural Stress.

As I told Amy, “They’re all connected. You really can see the health of the total person through their skin, which is the body’s window to wellness. A person’s skin can tell me how well they’re eating, sleeping, and exercising, as well as how well they’re managing their stress.”

It all goes back to the idea of water: water is essential to the health of each and every cell. It’s true that we can see the effect of loss of hydration on the skin in the form of wrinkles, but loss of hydration has damaging effects on every other organ in our body. It’s a form of physiological stress. Add to that our 24-hour news cycle and constant device-mediated connectivity and it’s easy to see that we’re all in a state of heightened Cultural Stress that affects our hormone levels, sleep patterns, relationships, and everything we do. Stress itself depletes the body of water.

Conversely, however, when you eat your water, you’re hydrating your cells; when you’re exercising, you’re building muscle, which holds more water than fat; when you manage your stress, you’re more at ease. Your body has a chance to switch from the “fight, flight, or freeze” sympathetic nervous system to the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system and repair and restore itself on the cellular level. So it’s all connected.

We covered many topics: the “nervous system” in our skin; the microbiomes that may be the cause of wrinkles, rosacea, acne, and psoriasis—opening up a whole new approach to the treatment of these conditions; the importance of connective tissue—and how to build it through your diet; the importance of seeing adversity as opportunity; the importance of “being yourself, rather than emulating!” and more.

Tune in to hear what two total skin nerds talk about when they get a chance!

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