Innovator & Pioneer

1989 – Present

The First Science-Backed,Doctor-Branded Skincare Line

Dr. Murad’s skincare products were among the first clinically proven to achieve significant measurable anti-aging results without surgery. Awarded 19 patents for his skincare breakthroughs, Dr. Murad’s skincare line was:

  • Among the first to use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), the game-changing anti-aging ingredient
  • First to treat the underlying connection between skincare, healthcare and hydration – leading to the first products to help the cells retain water (RepleniCell).
  • Pioneering identification of three distinct types of aging—environmental, genetic, and hormonal—and treatments for each type
  • First to introduce the medical spa—combining science-backed treatments with Inclusive Health® stress relief
  • “Dr. Murad has literally changed the face of professional skincare. His integration of science-based concepts with the reorganization of holistic care of the skin is a true innovation. Dr. Murad’s philosophy of ‘not treating skin problems, but treating people with skin problems’ supports his belief that ‘skin care is health care.'” ―Mark Lees, PhD, Chair, The Esthetics Manufacturers and Distributors Alliance of the American Beauty Association



First to Introduce the World to Internal Skincare

Understanding that healthy skin comes from the inside out, Dr. Murad not only developed supplements designed to repair and protect skin cells, he was also:

  • First to identify cellular hydration—The Water Principle—as key to skin and overall wellness
  • First to protect, repair, and restore skin from the inside out
  • Creator of patented “youth-building” internal skincare supplements
  • Expanded “internal skincare” to include mental and emotional wellness

Author of dozens of books on his “inside-out” philosophy of aging, beauty, and health.


First to Identify “Cultural Stress” as a Health Threat

Dr. Murad believes—and research confirms—that stress is the underlying cause of virtually every degenerative disease. To counter this pervasive threat, Dr. Murad has developed a comprehensive program for conquering modern stress and embodying Modern Wellness.


First to Connect the Dots for Creating a Healthy Life

Dr. Murad’s ability to “connect the dots” linking cellular hydration, nutrition, joyful exercise, creative expression, reconnecting with your “inner toddler,” reducing cultural stress, and yes, efficacious skincare, are unique contributions to Modern Wellness.

“Through his own recipes for nourishing the body and his life-affirmative aphorisms for an optimistic mental outlook, Dr. Murad offers a heartfelt approach leading to mindful self-care.” –Edward D. Crandall, PhD, MD, Norris Chair, Keck Medicine of USC

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What Others Say

“Dr. Murad combines his expertise as a pharmacist, doctor, and skincare expert to unravel the aging process and reveal how each of us can easily change the way we look and feel…His findings have uncovered that how you address your cell health goes a lot deeper than just topical solutions. His ultimate secret: smile more, stay engaged in life, and have a positive attitude.” — Joan Lunden, Journalist and Women’s Health and Wellness Advocate

“Through his many recommendations, including those that promote the freedom of the intuitive toddler within you, nurture a state of happiness, help manage stress, encourage healthy nutrition and physical activity habits, and engage the power of the mind through the use of positive affirmations and other techniques, Dr. Murad offers a wealth of wisdom for seekers of health and well-being.” – Dr. Marc J. Weigensberg, Director, USC Institute for Integrative Health

“In sports, greatness is defined by the longevity of your success. Success becomes a lifestyle. Applying Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy to my professional and personal life makes it easier to shine both on and off the ice!” – Allison Baver, three-time Olympic short-track speed skater and 2010 Olympic bronze medalist

“Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health approach to managing today’s cultural stress is vitally needed for these times. By following his practical wisdom and healthy lifestyle plan, you can improve the quality of your life.” – John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RD, CNS, Director, Bragg Health Institute and host, Health & Longevity

“Dr. Murad demonstrates compellingly the need for patients and healthcare practitioners alike to blend science, faith, and philosophy in the quest for better health, well-being, and happiness.” – Dominique Fradin-Read, MD, MPH

“Dr. Howard Murad is one of the most joy-filled and inspirational people I know. His approach to dealing with cultural stress gives people the tools to live healthier and happier.” – Judy Brooks, Executive Producer and Co-Host, Healing Quest

“Dr. Murad is a true visionary and an amazing risk taker. He leads, others follow.”― Felicia Rogawska Milewicz, Beauty Director, Glamour

“Dr. Murad’s findings have given me a way to perform at my best in life and on the volleyball court. There is no easier way to change your life, your looks, and your longevity.” – Kerri Walsh, Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist

“With his Inclusive Health approach, Dr. Murad helped me reverse the damage…done to my skin as a result of shooting Survivor…he’s shown me how to optimize my health on a daily basis.” —Jeff Probst, Host of Survivor

“Dr. Murad is a visionary. He combines the mastery of science with the mystery of the human spirit to create the gift of a healthy life.” – Rocky Delgadillo, CEO, Los Angeles County Medical Association