Surviving Cultural Stress Series

Dr. Howard Murad’s 50-year medical practice has convinced him that our greatest health risk is the stress of modern living. In these inspirational little books, Dr. Murad shares personal stories of patients who have faced—and overcome—some of the most common stresses of our lives: 24-hour connectivity, a feeling of rootlessness, job uncertainty, poor diets, and more.


Health & Happiness Series

In these six short little books, Dr. Murad shares inspirational stories of individuals who have overcome the stresses and challenges of modern living to live happier, healthier lives. Each book is colorfully illustrated with Dr. Murad’s paintings and intended to inspire you to lead a healthier, happier life, through the principles of Inclusive Health®.


The Cellulite Solution

Every woman dreads it, but most women have it. Massage systems, topical creams, and going off caffeine won’t budge cellulite, and dieting usually doesn’t reduce it either. At last, The Cellulite Solution contains a simple three-pronged program that actually works to reduce dimpling. Drawing on thirty-five years of clinical experience, Dr. Murad has developed a cellulite-slaying method that is effective for woman of any age, no matter how severe their cellulite problem is. A triad of nutritional direction, lifestyle changes, and topical treatments combines to both prevent and get rid of cellulite..

  • Featuring the youth-building cellulite diet.
  • Blast cellulite with a powerful, effective three-step program.

Conquering Cultural Stress

Dr. Murad’s 50-year medical practice has convinced him that stress is our greatest health risk. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Murad sets out a three-part plan to manage stress and build youth back into your cells. The plan includes diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes—and the most important change is mental: Reconnect with who you were as a toddler—when your cells were fully hydrated, life and learning were joyful, and failure meant nothing to you! You’ll learn how to:

  • Say goodbye to emotional, stress-based overeating to shed pounds
  • Improve your mood and productivity
  • Lower your Living Age by as much as 10 years
  • Make small lifestyle changes that have a huge impact on aging and well-being
  • Prepare easy, delicious, stress-reducing meals

Let the Father of Modern Wellness® show you how to beat the stress of modern living!


The Water Secret

In his revolutionary guide to keeping your cells happily hydrated and yourself looking and feeling 10 years younger, Dr. Murad:

  • Reveals how proper hydration helps you feel better and healthier
  • How inflammation, hydration, and other factors affect your health
  • Shows how damaged cells leak water, making you look drawn and haggard
  • Introduces “Inclusive Health®”, a simple approach to optimal cellular strength
  • Gives you a complete 10-step action guide with recipes and meal plans to start you on the path to vibrant health—including clear skin, fewer wrinkles, and more energy and zest for life!

The Water Secret will help you take control of the aging process by improving the health of every cell in your body. You will see and feel the difference your healthy lifestyle will make in as little as one week!


Creating a Healthy Life

As the Father of Modern Wellness® and the worldwide Inclusive Health® movement, Dr. Howard Murad has helped millions of people around the world lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. In this beautifully illustrated book, Dr. Murad shares his personal story of overcoming adversity, ignoring “the experts,” and creating a wellness philosophy that has helped millions of people look better, feel better, and live better. He describes how accepting and loving yourself is key to health and beauty from the inside out. As evidence, he describes how a health crisis led him to discover a third career as an artist. His colorful paintings now fill his home, his office, and the pages of this book, reflecting his joy of living. The point? To inspire you to reconnect with your own passion for living, which is the secret to unlocking your own potential for health, happiness, and success.


Creating a Healthy Life2nd Edition

In this second edition of Creating a Healthy Life, Dr. Murad shares more of his paintings and more of his deeply personal insights intended to inspire you to reconnect with your own unique path to creative self-expression, which he believes is the foundation for living a life of health, happiness, and success.


The Murad Method

In this trailblazing, results-oriented book, Dr. Murad shows how to protect your skin in a simple, five-minute, twice-a-day regimen that Vogue magazine called “the definitive anti-aging guide.”

You’ll learn:

  • Why water is the most powerful anti-aging ingredient of the 21st century
  • How to turn back the clock naturally, without surgery
  • How to reverse sun damage and protect your skin from future harm
  • How to keep cells fresh and keep youthful skin at any age
  • How to choose effective skincare products in every price range

Now you don’t need an appointment to apply his strategies to your own skin!


Wrinkle-Free Forever

Howard Murad, M.D., the renowned Los Angeles dermatologist, has studied the effects of the environment on skin and aging for thirty years. The methods he’s developed to counteract those effects are packed into this book’s simple 5-Minute twice-a-day regimen. Murad’s revolutionary discoveries include:

  • Why water is the most powerful anti-aging ingredient of the 21st century
  • How to turn back the clock naturally, without surgery
  • Reversing the sun’s damaging effects
  • How to keep cells plumped for fresh, smooth skin

Let Dr. Murad’s internal and external skin care techniques repair, renew and rejuvenate your skin-starting today.