The Secrets to Radiant Skin

My interview on The Sakara Life Podcast

Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise are the creators of Sakara, an organic, plant-based meal delivery service and lifestyle philosophy. They also host a podcast, The Sakara Life, which features interviews with “top physicists, mystics, chefs, healers, and CEOs, to explore the areas of life where science and spirituality coexist and thoughts turn into real, live things.” That, they explain, is what “sakara” is: a Sanskrit word “for the process of turning thoughts into things.” The women are firm believers that what we ingest—from our food to our friends and our media diet—influences our health and circumstances. They share my philosophy that changing your mind changes your life…and they have the physical benefits to show for it.

In this episode, I talk with Whitney and Danielle about my own journey to Modern Wellness. As it turns out, much of what the two incorporated into Sakara’s nutritional program was inspired by my philosophy of “inside-out” beauty, particularly the importance of cellular hydration. As Whitney says in our conversation, “You’re best-known for your skincare products, but to us you’re best-known for The Water Secret. ‘Eating your water’ is one of our nine pillars of health.”

In the second half of this episode, Whitney candidly shares her lifelong skin journey and painful struggles with cystic acne. She details all of the various treatments she tried, including cleansers, lasers, Retin-A and other topicals, antibiotics, Accutane, and more—all with the hope of one day achieving clear skin. But it wasn’t until she stopped telling herself she’d be happy when her acne was gone and gave herself permission to be happy now—simultaneously changing her nutrition and lifestyle habits—that her skin and gut health completely transformed.

Whitney credits my approach to skincare for inspiring her to think about nutrition as nourishing her body, rather than eliminating sugar, caffeine, gluten, alcohol, dairy, or any other food that might be “bad.” “You can’t eliminate your way to good health,” she laughs. In particular, she began to focus on “eating her water” and restoring digestive health. That, in turn, restored her circulatory health, boosted her immune system and her mental health, and most beautifully of all, her skin.

Whitney and Danielle are also candid about the importance of joy as a motivator. “We don’t want to browbeat our customers into taking better care of themselves. We want to seduce them into better self-care.” Now that’s Modern Wellness!

Listen to the whole podcast here:

The Secrets to Radiant Skin with Dr. Murad + Whitney Tingle on Apple Podcasts


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