The Best Is Yet to Come

A new year—and a new decade—are upon us! Although it’s inevitable that the weeks and months to come will include challenges, I want to share with you my philosophy that “The Best Is Yet to Come.” Even at 80 years old, I believe this so firmly that I wrote a little book about it, prompted by the number of people I encounter who look back on their high school, college, or young adult years as the high point of their lives. “Those were the days,” they tell themselves, when they had the most freedom, the most fun, looked their best, and felt their best.

But there’s no need for us to feel that way! In fact, it works against us creating the best possible life for us now—and in the future! As I say in my book, “It’s like trying to drive a car looking through the rearview mirror.” At best you’ll miss what’s in front of you; at worst, you’ll have a terrible accident!

It’s far healthier—and more enjoyable—to use your passion and imagination to create the best life for yourself now! Why not? I started my skincare company, Murad, at 50; a third career as an artist at 70; and now enjoy my role as an ambassador for Modern Wellness at 80!

Here are a few of my Insights for creating a future that is even better than your past:

Make your mark, but allow the canvas of life to direct you.

Life is an interactive experience. When I paint, I make a few colorful marks on the canvas, spray water on the colors, and see what happens. How will it turn out? I don’t know! My life has been like that too. I make my marks and then see where life takes me. In that way, life becomes an adventure. Surprise is one of its best elements.

Stay in touch with your passion.

Far too many of us don’t know our own hearts. We’ve either forgotten what makes us happy, or we never took the time to discover what truly excites us. Perhaps your passions may even have changed over the years, as mine did. If life feels flat, take a day to allow yourself do something out of your usual routine. Take a drive into the mountains; try a class in a new skill or hobby; and regularly schedule “play dates” with yourself!

Think of your life as a vacation.

When our work is our passion, every day is a vacation. However, even when we must work at a job to pay the bills and reserve our passion for our leisure hours, we can still look at each day as an opportunity for relaxation, regeneration, and reflection—all the things a vacation can provide. Then life becomes a joy…every day! When we’re on vacation, we see life anew: we see new sights, eat new foods, interact with new people, have new experiences. But we don’t have to travel to give ourselves these experiences. Take a new route—or a new mode of transit—to work; try a new restaurant or cuisine; see one of the tourist sights—in your home town! Too often we let life become routine just because it’s easier. If you love your routine, great. If you don’t, try mixing it up!

Adopt the mindset of your youth.

Rather than trying to fight the aging process, focus on adopting the same youthful wonder and enthusiasm you had as a child, a teenager, and a young adult. As we age, we tend to think that our life has become a boring routine. But if you think about it, it’s impossible to live the same day twice! Greet each day with enthusiasm. After all, we really don’t know what each day will hold.

If you believe the best is yet to come, you’ll look forward to the future, knowing that your best years are ahead of you!

For more of my Insights on making sure that your best life is ahead of you, check out my little book, The Best Is Yet to Come.


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