My Conversation with Natalie Eva Marie

I recently enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation with the phenomenal Natalie Eva Marie—a former soccer player and professional wrestler, turned actress and health and fitness trainer.

Natalie and her husband, Jonathan Coyle, are acutely aware of the impact of cultural stress on our lives, health, and happiness. Their own constant digital connectivity makes them aware of how many hours they spend on social media and how often they rely on “time-saving” services like Amazon or Netflix rather than physical interactions with other human beings. They’re also aware of how much our constant digital connectivity turns life into a ratings game.

These are new behaviors; a generation ago no one had heard of social media; we knew our neighbors, our storekeepers and other service providers. Moreover, these new behaviors are not good for us—they’re sedentary; non-productive; competitive; and, as a result, they’re stressful.

Stress is a silent killer: it underlies virtually all of the diseases we work to protect ourselves from—from heart disease to cancer to diabetes and Alzheimer’s. It also underlies skyrocketing suicide rates among Millennials.

But now that we know these things, what are we going to do about it?

To make lifestyle changes we have to develop inner strength. That’s what my affirmations, or insights, are designed to do: help you develop the inner strength to make health changes in your life.

For example:

  • Honor yourself. You are worthy.
  • Be thrilled with who you are.
  • Forgive yourself.

Once you have developed the inner strength to do what you know is good for you and makes you happy, you will find it easier to make the lifestyle changes you want.

Listen to the entire podcast here:–Dr-Howard-Murad


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