Be yourself! My Advice for ‘Inside-Out’ Beauty

In this 25-minute interview with Joyce Platon for Hello Beauty, I share the health and beauty secrets I’ve distilled from more than 45 years of medical practice. I also talk about my journey as an entrepreneur—founding my own skincare company at the age of 50!

My advice in both areas is similar: Be yourself! Never emulate! You will always be a second-rate version of someone else. But you are the champion YOU!

I also talk about how to take care of yourself in ways that go beyond cosmetics, skincare products, and even drugs and surgery. After all, life expectancies are less today than they were 10 years ago, despite advances in medicine! Why? It’s because our lives are so much more stressful.

We might not be able to do much to stop some of the stressors in our lives, but we can learn how to reduce their impact on us. I share a single, simple technique that anyone can do…and my own research has proven its clinical effectiveness at reducing blood pressure, stabilizing mood, reducing weight, and helping patients achieve their other goals.

So empower yourself to be the best, happiest, and healthiest version of yourself that you can be. By doing so, you can’t help but become your most beautiful!


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