Are You Ignoring Your Potential?

Recently I gave a presentation at the Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. Joined by nutritionist Carolyn Katzin, we talked about the importance of cellular hydration—particularly when fighting a life-threatening disease like cancer. Ms. Katzin also emphasized the importance of eating water-rich foods in order to absorb and retain the water you ingest. This is especially important when dealing with an extreme stress like cancer and its treatment, which often robs the body of water and other nutrients through vomiting, fever, sweating, and diarrhea.

However, managing stress is an equally important part of both preventing and overcoming cancer and other illnesses. During my portion of the presentation (see the video), I spoke about the impact of Cultural Stress on our immune system and ability to withstand disease and the need to develop positive mental habits to counteract the toll these can take.

I showed a drawing of an abstract shape on a field of white and asked audience members to tell me what they saw. Some saw a turtle; others a ladybug; others a fish. However, everyone focused on the drawing, rather than the “empty” field that surrounded it.

This “empty” field I liken to your potential. You are far greater than whatever lines you have drawn to identify yourself. This is true for your potential to fulfill your dreams of success. It is also true of your ability to overcome a disease like cancer. To counteract the daily factors that are taking a toll on our immune system, we need to So, rather than limit yourself by thinking that the future will be a repeat of the past, free yourself to explore all that “empty” white space that is filled with who you may become!

Having faith in yourself and knowing that you are greater than your current circumstances is a powerful antidote to the stress of modern living.

Please click on the link to watch my presentation.


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