This Valentine’s Day, Give Your SELF Some Love!

Healing Quest host Judy Brooks is on a mission—to raise awareness about the importance of self-care. The creator of Lightbridge Media and the popular, Judy has shared healthy lifestyle information since 2003 on PBS stations across the country and, more recently on iHeartradio.  Now she is considering the cumulative effects of her own constant pressure to produce and she is taking conscious steps to practice better self-care. That’s Modern Wellness! And there’s no more appropriate time for it than Valentine’s Day.

In this 6-minute podcast, Judy and her co-host Roy Walkenhorst, revisit some of my “Insights,” which are my own positive affirmations, and talk about the effect these simple sayings have had on their lives.

For example, “Honor yourself,” “Accommodate, but don’t let your life be turned upside down” and “Accommodate, but maintain your power,” remind Judy to value her own life and priorities at least as much as the needs and requests of others. After all, “Without me, there is no we.”

She also likes “Increase simplicity in your life,” because Cultural Stress has given us all way too much to do. She now considers it a goal accomplished when she can “Make a shorter to-do list.”

“Take pleasure in every minor success” is a good reminder to savor what we get done each day and not immediately turn our attention to the next task before us. By focusing on our successes, we create more of them. What you appreciate appreciates!

Finally, consider “Think of your life as a vacation!” Instead of awaking each day to the “drudgery” of our routine, why not anticipate all that is unexpected each day? Take a different route to work. Look at your familiar surroundings with new eyes. Splurge often. Treat yourself like royalty. This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with yourself!


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